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Dr. JaymieFox assesses children as young as 12 months through early adulthood to detect signs of neurocognitive or developmental delays. For children under 16 months, she offers a screening to determine if that child is at risk for an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr. Fox also assesses adults with developmental disabilities to assist with obtaining resources in the community.

​Dr. Coleman assesses children from 2 years through 17 years to detect signs of developmental delays, neurocognitive deficits, ADHD, learning disabilities (including dyslexia), and anxiety secondary to learning. She also assesses young adults (ages 18 to 21) with histories of learning and academic disabilities to assist with obtaining accommodations through disability services within the collegiate environment. If you believe that your child may have a learning disability or other neurodevelopmental disorder, feel free to reach out to Dr. Coleman for further support and guidance.     

In 2019, Dr. Travers joined Georgia Autism Center to provide comprehensive evaluations for neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders, including ASD and ADHD, to individuals from early childhood through adulthood. Informed by her prior training in therapy and research, Dr. Travers conducts assessments to identify evidence-based interventions, community services, and financial resources that will best support clients and their families. 

​Dr. Brittany Duncan is a Georgia native who has been working in the field of pediatric psychology for 7 years.  She has extensive experience working with young children and adolescents with complex medical problems, behavioral disorders, and neurodevelopmental disabilities. Dr. Duncan specializes in psychological assessment, currently providing psychoeducational and neurodevelopmental evaluations, including comprehensive Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder evaluations.

If you feel like your child may have ASD or other neurocognitive or developmental delays, we encourage you to utilize our assessment tool.