Performing Arts Classes Begin in July

Peter and Paul’s Place is excited to announce that we are building opportunities in the arts for adults with differing abilities! We have big dreams for the future, and we’re kicking things off this summer and fall with two performing arts classes.

In July, Ricardo Aponte teaches a Musical Theatre Workshop for those who just gotta sing and dance! Ricardo is a well-known Atlanta choreographer who has worked with Jerry’s Habima Theatre at the Marcus Jewish Community Center. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Platform Project, a nonprofit committed to inclusivity and diversity.

Then beginning in September, Dina Shadwell teaches Theatre FUNdamentals.  Dina is a former long-time director of Jerry’s Habima Theatre and is committed to creating more opportunities for people with disabilities. Participants in Dina’s class will explore movement, voice, improvisation, character development, and basic stage composition.

Both classes promise to be tons of fun while participants build skills and build relationships—with fellow students, theatre professionals, and volunteers.

Anyone who participates in the arts—music, theater, visual arts—knows how much joy it can bring, especially when shared with others. Participating in the arts can help reduce stress, boost self-esteem, improve focus, and help us feel connected to something larger than ourselves.

Peter and Paul’s Place is dedicated to bringing social, artistic, and educational opportunities to adults with differing abilities. To that end, we have committed to subsidizing these classes in order to offer them at a price that is accessible to more people.

Want to learn more about these classes?

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