Online Book Clubs and Life Skills Classes

Your man sitting in a chair facing a computer screen showing 6 people on a video call.

Gwinnett County Public Library in partnership with the Dunamis Educational Foundation offers Book Clubs and Life Skills opportunities for adults with I/DD. 

Life Skills sessions are once a month, Thursday afternoons, and require no registration but you will need to contact us at  for dates and the link to the webinar.

Book Clubs meet on several days of the week, each club reading a different book and meeting at different times.  They currently have 3 clubs but will have 4 soon with a number of library branches committed to support our individuals. These clubs do require registration using the link below.

Email Regina Fallon at and ask to be added to the email list for this book club.

Please share this information with anyone whom you feel would benefit.  Groups may also join.  Reading is not required – the story is read out loud from the shared screen and those who want to read can volunteer.  They are working on fluency and comprehension while building background knowledge, vocabulary, and confidence.

All of these activities are free of charge.