BDI Webinar: Navigating Burnout

BDI Empowers Season 2 Episode 9!

Join us for a special interview dedicated to Caregiver Burnout Awareness. Caregivers play a vital role in society, offering love and assistance to those in need. However, this crucial role often comes at a cost – burnout.

During this interview we will talk about the real life challenges, triumphs, and coping strategies for caregivers. Ways to support these amazing people who give of themselves everyday will also be shared.

Kate Houck is the Executive Director of David’s Refuge, an agency in Central NY that focuses on caring for the caregiver. She will cover the telltale signs of burnout, its impact on mental and physical health, and practical tips for self-care and support.

Whether you’re a caregiver or simply interested in learning more, this webinar will provide valuable insights and resources to help understand the possible complexities of these unsung heroes among us.

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