Theatre FUNdamentals

Love the theatre and curious about acting? Give yourself some time to play, with no pressure to perform. Students will explore movement and voice, improvisation, character development, and basic stage composition with instructor Dina Shadwell, former long-time director of Jerry’s Habima Theatre at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Students will have tons of fun dancing and singing to some favorite Broadway show tunes. Instructor Ricardo Aponte leads the way along with guest instructors who may introduce other theatrical elements such as puppetry. No performances, just a chance to dance like no one is watching!

Your Best Life Skills: Water Safety

Water Safety Summer brings lots of time in a pool, lake, or at the beach.  Water fun begins with feeling comfortable in the water and staying safe. We’ll talk about your personal safety in these different settings as well as being aware of the safety of others. The Gwinnett County Public Library...

Your Best Life Skills: Rights & Responsibilities

Rights & Responsibilities Each individual has certain rights, but for each of those rights, there are also responsibilities that are part of being an adult, along with making sure that we honor the rights of others. The Gwinnett County Public Library ( and Pat Satterfield of the Dunamis Educational Foundation...

Your Best Life Skills: Southern Etiquette

Southern Etiquette: Unspoken Rules of Southern Ladies and Gentlemen Living in the South, there are some customs that people in other parts of the country may not observe.  The “unspoken” rules of Southern etiquette will be fun to discuss. The Gwinnett County Public Library ( and Pat Satterfield of the...