Thrive Community

A God-centered, post-high school vocational community for adults with special needs.Learn more at

Two Sparrows Village at Christian City

Two Sparrows Village at Christian City mission is to provide a supportive living environment for adults with intellectual disabilities within an inclusive community that promotes greater independence and an exceptional quality of life for adults with lifelong challenges.Learn more at

SPECS Developments LLC

Provide independent living housing solutions for adults with IDD. Through their high-end consulting services, SPECS offers assistance in accessing government funding, legal services, therapeutic support, suitable roommates, and anything necessary to fulfill your independence and housing goals.Learn more at

Peachtree Farm

Peachtree Farm's mission is to produce locally grown produce, products and animals for the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area while providing job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.Learn more at

Keystone Village

A campus-style community development for adults with IDD. There are communal cottages with community space and community center with a variety of services. The goal is for integration with the greater community for employment, engagement in community life, and reception of services in the community.Learn more at

Flourish Community

Flourish Community in Dahlonega is developing a pocket neighborhood of cottage-style homes where adults with IDD can live in a community with access to employment and services.Learn more at

The Pier Center for Life Enrichment

The Pier Center for Life Enrichment provides life and job skills training, and even some jobs. This gives these adults with different abilities a genuine sense of purpose, fulfillment, dignity and respect. The cottage homes surround a common area with a clubhouse. Some homes have apartments that could be used...

empowerline 463-3333The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) includes divisions devoted to the issue ofaging and disabilities, providing research, information and support to those citizens inthis area. ARC provides “empowerline,” a website managed by the its Aging andIndependence Services Group. The website contains a very comprehensive listing ofservices and opportunities available to...

Gentle Care Home Services

Gentle Care Home Services provides free private in-home care for medically fragile children from birth to age 21 in Georgia through Medicaid's pediatric program. Our experienced staff offers specialized care that meets the unique needs of each child, including trach care, gastrostomy tube care, and more. We provide compassionate care...