Follow Up to the Peter and Paul’s Place Summer Dance

Peter and Paul’s Place, Inc. held its first Summer Dance Party on Saturday, June 4th at Tucker Recreation Center.  The opportunities for social interaction and community have been limited since the pandemic began and this party was greeted with enthusiasm and joy by the participants, their caregivers and the many wonderful volunteers who attended.   

Temperatures were checked at the door, masks handed out, and their wear encouraged. There were seventy-five participants and at least 12 volunteers who came, danced, dined on pizza and dessert, and spent time renewing friendships. Sammy Rosenberg, the DJ, got the dancing going immediately and it never stopped.  Many of the participants commented that they had not been able to get together with groups like this for two years, and they were thrilled to be present.  The organizers expected a much smaller turnout, and we believe that the great response underscores the need for more opportunities of this kind of in our community.

The success of the Dance was in very large part due to the welcoming and gracious staff of Tucker Recreation Center, who arranged the rental of accessible space for this diverse community.  Special thanks to Frances Vogel, Ray Rollins and Edgar Brito for all their assistance.  There are few opportunities for people with different abilities to just have fun and be themselves. Tucker is a place where this can indeed happen. 

Peter and Paul’s Place is planning to host a Holiday Dance in December.  We will announce location and details as we move forward.  We will also host some smaller events and classes.  Check out this website for information about “The Big Picture: Six Part Virtual Series” facilitated by Rita Young.  This series, co-hosted by Peter and Paul’s Place and the Atlanta Regional Commission, is designed to help family caregivers who are struggling with legal, financial, and other issues.