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Follow Up to the Peter and Paul’s Place Summer Dance

Peter and Paul’s Place, Inc. held its first Summer Dance Party on Saturday, June 4th at Tucker Recreation Center.  The opportunities for social interaction and community have been limited since the pandemic began and this party was greeted with enthusiasm and joy by the participants, their caregivers and the many...


Adult Disability Medical Healthcare Individuals living with developmental disabilities experience significant health and healthcare disparities. ADMH was founded to address these disparities and provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach to addressing healthcare and social service needs in this patient population. ADMH partners with Urban Family Practice Associates (UFPA), utilizing the...

Rosary Makers of America

Non-profit that employs people with developmental disabilities to product Rosary prayer beads. The Rosary Makers gain valuable experience, practicing social interactions and learning independence.  Learn more at

2 Thumbs Up

Provides youth and young adults with autism and other special needs social opportunities to connect with neuro-typical peers and each other.

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency

The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency operates five programs with one goal: To help people with disabilities to become fully productive members of society by achieving independence and meaningful employment. Learn more at Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency

Tommy Nobis Center

The goal of Tommy Nobis Center and Nobis Works vocational training and placement services is to provide individualized employment support for participants based on their interests, abilities, needs and vocational preferences.  Learn more at

Georgia Tech EXCEL Program

The Excel Program offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology is a four-year college program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) leading to two separate Certificates. The first is a Certificate in Academic Enrichment, Social Fluency, and Career Exploration and the second is a Certificate in Social Growth,...