Directory of doctors who provide medical care for people with special needs. Learn More

St. Mary’s Independent Living Extensions, Inc.

St. Mary’s Independent Living Extensions (SMILE) is a nonprofit organization of trained caregivers who work around-the-clock to enrich the lives of adults with developmental disabilities by maximizing independence breaking down barriers and advocating for greater community access. Learn More

Great Prospects Inc

Great Prospects, Inc. is pleased to offer a community-based program that fits the updated guidelines the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental has set for providing care for individuals with disabilities. The shift from institutional-based to community-based programming, in addition to the extensive list of people waiting for state funding,...

Hope Street, Inc

Educational advocacy, educational planning, program supervision and management, enrichment services, networking & research, launching a fully inclusive high school in Fall 2022. Learn more at

Judah’s House

Judah's House Inc (501c3) provides educational consulting, advocacy, scholarships for special needs families, and provides area resource information. The LOT provides financial services such as Tax Preparation for special needs families (targeting their unique deduction and credit possibilities to maximize their returns) and Small Business Consulting on benefits of hiring...

Jeyaram and Associates, P.C.

Healthcare attorneys good for special needs trust and wills, guardianships, Katie Beckett appeals, and NOW/COMP appeals. Learn more at

GHI Life Sharing

Providing families assistance with in-home personal supports to children with special needs with no out-of-pocket expense. The child must have Medicaid, be between 5 and 21, and diagnosed with a medically fragile diagnosis. They help with supports such as bathing, feeding, dressing, and transfers. Learn more at