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All aboutPeter & Paul's Place

Peter McKinnon and Paul Shingler have been close friends since they were very young.  They met at Coralwood Elementary School in the early intervention program and stayed connected well past their school days.

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Our Mission

Peter and Paul’s Place will provide opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities to gather together to live, socialize and learn in a supportive and inclusive community.

Our Goals

Residential Community

  • Ultimate goal

Community Center

  •  a large open space for social and educational events
  • rooms for smaller classes and gatherings
  • a resource center
  • an art gallery
  • class/events focused on the arts
  • available for public or private events for a fee supporting this organization
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Our Purpose

There is a tremendous need to provide residential options, connections and community engagement for adults with disabilities, particularly as they and their parents and family members age.  Adults with disabilities often find themselves isolated after they leave school. We want to help change this by providing a safe place and the means to connect, create and collaborate with each other and the community.